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About the Company

Hotel Investment Strategies is a global hotel investment advisory firm that uses pioneering analytical techniques and innovative quantitative methods to assist investors and managers of hotels, eliminate costly surprises, make better decisions, and add business value to their bottom line. 

About Ross Woods

Ross Woods is an experienced hotel investment advisor with over 30 years of global experience in hotel asset management, portfolio management, and hotel advisory services. Known for his collaborative-based consulting style that integrates a high level of strategic and analytical expertise, his “smarts” are sought by clients to solve complex issues, make better decisions and realize the highest risk-adjusted investment returns.

His clients include banks, private investors, REITs and hotel management companies in the United States, South East Asia, Australasia, Europe, and Dubai.

He has pioneered the use of quantitative decision and productivity techniques. He has extensive experience in applying quantitative risk analysis and management techniques to existing and proposed hotels as well as hotel portfolios.

Ross is Founder and CEO of Hotel Investment Strategies. The firm’s services include the design and execution of investment strategies, asset allocation, diversification, asset selection and execution, asset management and performance attribution. The firm also provides transactional and due diligence advisory services and assesses the portfolio implications of acquisitions and dispositions.

Previously Ross was Director, consulting, at PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York, and Vice President – asset management of 20 hotels, Prudential Real Estate Investors, New Jersey. Ross is an Adjunct Professor at New York University and has taught courses in statistics and quantitative analysis.

When not working, he enjoys listening to Jazz, discussing politics with his son at the University of Michigan, or cheering his younger son on an international fencing strip. He lives in a picture-perfect village outside of New York City, with his talented wife, his younger son, crazy dog and a stray cat.