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An effective hotel investment advisory firm does more than apply its expertise to solve a client’s problem. It ensures that clients obtain the tools and resources to solve their own problems, by acting as an “Empowering Expert.” We see ourselves as collaborators or “partners” with our clients, who focus on contributing and offering value by way of our insights, to improve our client’s condition.

The disciplined way in which we frame issues, analyze problems and present solutions was honed by my management consulting experience with PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, and Horwath International.

Our problem-solving and decision-making services are guided by the four hallmarks of our practice:

Data: There is no shortage of data. The challenge is finding the right data, and converting it into information and actionable insights so that our clients can make better decisions.

Actionable Insights: Derived from synthesizing data into succinct, concise statements, and recommendations that enable our clients to make better decisions to drive action. We focus on generating insights that provide significant business value for our clients.

Decision Support: We help clients think systematically about complex problems, and provide support in their decision making process.

Business Value: We assist investors, financiers and managers of hotels, eliminate costly surprises, make better decisions, and add business value to their bottom line.

“Trusting our instincts, I always thought we were pretty good at managing and diversifying our portfolio risk, but the work Hotel Investment Strategies did for us provided a number of new and important insights. As a result, we have modified our strategic plan and will reallocate capital, anticipating an improved financial return with a negligible increase in risk.”

James A. MacCutcheon

Former Chief Executive Officer, Sunburst Hospitality Corporation