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Hotel Market Selection & Targeting
Our services identify markets that present strategic or tactical opportunities specific to the objectives of a portfolio which include identifying underpriced hotel assets that are likely to have negatively correlated returns with other assets in a portfolio. By comparing a market’s long-run “natural occupancy rate” and its equilibrium Real ADR and equilibrium Real RevPAR to its current occupancy, Real ADR and Real RevPAR we assist hotel developers identify markets where new supply is warranted and economically justified.

“RLJ Urban Lodging Funds have found the research provided by Ross Woods to be indispensable in two ways. First, we appreciate his information on specific MSA trends as we make our acquisitions and plan our dispositions. It is always helpful to know where we will have the winds at our backs or in our faces.

Second, as we raise capital from among our institutional investors, they are without exception surprised and pleased to see how many individual markets are early in their respective recovery cycles. It is easy to generalize the national trends and overlook the fact that at nearly any time there are terrific opportunities for hospitality investors in specific MSA’s around the country.”

Ross Bierkan

President & Chief Executive Officer, RLJ Urban Lodging Funds