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Hotel Portfolio Efficiency & Productivity Services
We help hotel owners, hotel brands and hotel management companies achieve significantly improved operating performance through frontier peer-based benchmarking and efficiency analyses which employ cutting-edge, not cookie-cutter performance measurement techniques.

We determine the relative efficiency of hotels in a portfolio by simultaneously evaluating multiple inputs and outputs and excluding external factors beyond the control of management in order to compare the efficiency and productivity of individual hotels or departments. We identify potential efficiency gains, best practice, and peer-based improvement targets.

Call us today to see if your hotel portfolio could benefit from our services. We gain enormous satisfaction helping our clients improve operating performance while enhancing the guest and employee experience.

“I found your analysis and findings very helpful in quantifying efficiency and productivity across our portfolio and identifying hotels that were demonstrating best practices within our group. Our response to the study will deliver value to our managers and shareholders over the long-term. I’ll look forward to the next time that we work together.”

Jay H. Shah

Chief Executive Officer, Hersha Hospitality Trust