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Market & Financial Evaluation
Our market and financial models are probabilistic when the values of many of the input variables are uncertain and are defined as ranges with associated probability distributions, rather than as single-point estimates. The service includes estimating the demand for a hotel, it’s competitive positioning, and marketability, identifying likely revenues and expenses including occupancy, average daily rate, other departmental revenue and expenses fixed operating costs, development costs, cash flow and projected returns.

“We engaged Ross Woods to provide us with critical information to guide us through investment decisions in several markets. Ross’ detailed, analytical approach to cycle analysis, market screening and portfolio diversification is a powerful tool for all sectors within the lodging industry. I enjoy working with Ross because the discussions don’t just end when the analyses are completed. In fact, that is when the insightful conversations and examinations commence. Ross stays with a project until his client has exhausted all questions and is completely satisfied.”

Sujan Patel

Former Vice President Acquisitions, Thayer Lodging Group